Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Outline of our trip

Friday after school- Drove from Home to Grant's Pass Oregon (9hours)
Saturday Morning-Drove to Crescent City in California, stopped on the way to go on a short hike into the coastal redwoods- most amazing thing I have seen, we loved it! Had a picnic lunch with the seagulls in front of the Ocean in Crescent City CA.
In the afternoon we got to drive thru a 2400 hundred year old redwood, and it only cost 5 bucks! Arrived in Windsor, CA stayed the night.
Sunday- Went to church in the Windsor area and loved the people! They tried to recruit us to their small branch and we would willingly gone if we could only find a job! This area was beautiful right next to Napa Valley. Drove on to San Fransisco got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (loved it), we ate a picnic on top of a parking strutcture that over saw Pier 39 and Alcatraz Island (prison)- very cool.
Met up with some friends at a Ethiopian Restraunt in San Jose in the evening the food was amazing! I missed it desperatly I do not cook it that well sadly! Then we drove on to LA for the night another (6 strait hours at night).
Monday- Watched a movie in the hotel which was nice since we had been nonstop driving and seeing for a couple of days. Then on to Hollywood Blvd. and to China town for luch (Trae is obsessed with China). Then we hit the road to San Diego got there by 4:30 it was perfect not too much trafic. The rest of Thanksgiving week was spent with ours friends there and we loved it! All together there was a little over 23 hours of driving in 3 full days. The kids were awesome and really liked it and I had so much fun with them seeing things none of us have seen before! My favorite was the Redwoods and Crescent City, Rob's was Golden Gate Bridge, Bobby's was San Francisco, Andee's was playing with her friend in San Diego, Trae's was getting a chinese outfit we bought in LA, Hana's was Ethiopian food in San Jose, and Matu's was the junk food I finally caved and let the kids eat in the car! I have been truly blessed with the best family any one could ask for, and I never felt it more than I did on that trip!


So I am at almost six months since I posted and that is pathetic!!! I love looking at everyone else's blog so I have been selfish and lazy to not update so here is some pics from our AWESOME trip thru California from the North West corner to the South West corner (San Diego). This trip by far was probablly my favorite trip ever! Even over any vacation I have taken on my own or with Rob. The kids were awesome on the 23 hours of driving with 3 night stops.