Sunday, June 1, 2008

Andee's Beloved Soccer!

On Saturday we had Andee's end of year party for her first season with Kicker's United Soccer Club. It was great working with Kickers and we look forward for the next year with them. We have tryouts on June 11th. we will let you know how it goes but the coach assured me he has a spot for her. Her coach from this year wanted her to play up a year and be on the U12 team, but we decided to stay on U11 and give her some more time to grow. She has been a blast to watch and is very athletic. I will be getting more pics of her from a mom on the team that is a photographer, I will post later. This last week was a busy one, being the last week of school. The kids and I celebrated as is our tradition by going to a movie when they let out on the last day. We are looking forward to a busy 11 weeks of summer. On thursday Bobby got his liscense and on Friday after our movie he dropped his application off to the Sonic Drive inn that was just built near our home and got the job on the spot! We are so excited for him, he is moving towards independence rapidly! I am not sure who is more excited him or Robert and I.

Fun Times Ahead For All!
See ya later- Eileen