Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bobby had a blast knee & wake boarding up at Lewis Reunion

Andee loves to knee board

Island Park Fireworks from Jenn & Ryan's boat

Watching Fireworks from the boat!

Hana in all her beauty!

Trae loves to flag

Matusala's 1st. kiss - he loves Maria!



Only a few more days of summer for my kiddos. We start school on Wednesday and the kids are ready! Did I mention how ready I am? Our first summer as a family of seven was a bit of a challenge for the kids and I. We had lots of squabbles (mostly the kids), and lots of crying (mostly mom), we have learned about each other in ways that only 7 days a week 24 hours a day of togetherness will teach you. We have actually had a great summer not as many excursions as I would have like but having a little one again that needs naps every afternoon kind of changed that but we have plenty of years without naps coming so I have enjoyed the quiet times! :) Bobby is in full swing 2 or 3 a day practices for football and is coming home hungry and tired! Andee is going again 2x a week practices for soccer. Trae is busy getting as much movie time in before school (which means no movies or tv 5 days a week). Hana is so excited to start pre school in September and is very prepared. Her English is great and is ready to learn new things. Matusala is a very naughty stinking little 22 month old. He is a very smart little boy and a joy to have around. He likes to walk around the house chanting who is stinky at the moment for example: Bobby stinky, Bobby stinky. Robert is very busy with work, we have been blessed to continue to have work and we are thankful. I have been with the kids hanging out not accomplishing as much as I would like but the beauty of routines is about to return with the school schedule. I am going to include a little look at our summer, enjoy. Eileen